Jackson's Craniosynostosis Journey

Jackson was born with his metopic suture fused in his skull, known as craniosynostosis with trigoncephaly. Unfortunately, the only way to correct his noggin is to perform a open cranial vault surgery. The profits from these sales are going to go toward the associated costs of his surgery. 

Smiles For Gage

<b>Gage Matthew Nelson</b> was born on July 6th, 2009. He was a miracle baby, but has faced an uphill battle. He was born with a craniofacial cleft of the face, plus only one eye, eye socket, ear and nostril. He has already had 18 surgeries. He has many, many more to go as he grows. Gage has a very rough road ahead, but Gage loves to Smile! Gage and his entire family sincerely appreciate the love, support and Smiles that have already been sent! The shirt sales will help with Gage’s ongoing medical &amp; travel expenses, as the surgeries are out of state. Please keep Gage in your prayers, and God Bless!