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Imagine the possibilities with our Preloaded Websites. All that is left is for you to is promote your own website.

Maple Match Tote

Show your love of mapley goodness and your new favorite way to date with a Maple Match Tote! Holds groceries, books, and maybe even <a href=";family=editorial&amp;mediatype=photography&amp;phrase=justin%20trudeau&amp;sort=mostpopular" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">an album full of Justin Trudeau pics</a>.


This T-shirt is aimed at the LGBT community, though it would probably suit a non-Village people-ish bike, too.

Bisexual Pride T-Shirt Male Version

A T-shirt celebrating bisexual pride. Note: This is the male version of the T-shirt which features a male in the purple column. There is a female version of the T-shirt with a female in the column.


A T-shirt showing the other words that can be made from beauty, which weirdly are relevant to the word beauty. The T-shirt works best on the white background, though I have added more colors.

Jack of Spades (J and Symbol)

A T-shirt for all you Jacks of Spades.

Cruising 69

A T-shirt for the LGBT community.

You + Me = Fun (kids)

Another one of the shirts Addy designed for playdate

Bisexual Pride T-shirt

Note: There are two versions of this T-shirt. This one features a woman standing in the purple column and is aimed at bisexual women. I have one with a man standing in the purple column for the bisexual men. Get the right one! Unless, of course, you're supporting bisexuality in others then, I guess, it doesn't matter.

Let's Do It Like We're Underage

Which, if I remember correctly, was full of interesting mistakes.

Jack of Spades (white lettering)

A T-shirt for all you Jacks of Spades out there.


Humorous Power Bottom T-Shirt with a picture of a bottom on the back.