Humorous Power Bottom T-Shirt with a picture of a bottom on the back.

Mr Twink

This T-Shirt is part of my LGBT Range.

Mr Twink (White Lettering)

This T-Shirt is part of me LGBT range.

Bisexual Pride T-shirt

Note: There are two versions of this T-shirt. This one features a woman standing in the purple column and is aimed at bisexual women. I have one with a man standing in the purple column for the bisexual men. Get the right one! Unless, of course, you're supporting bisexuality in others then, I guess, it doesn't matter.

Bisexual Pride T-Shirt Male Version

A T-shirt celebrating bisexual pride. Note: This is the male version of the T-shirt which features a male in the purple column. There is a female version of the T-shirt with a female in the column.


This T-shirt is aimed at the LGBT community, though it would probably suit a non-Village people-ish bike, too.

Cruising 69

A T-shirt for the LGBT community.


A T-shirt showing the other words that can be made from beauty, which weirdly are relevant to the word beauty. The T-shirt works best on the white background, though I have added more colors.


Part of my LGBT range of T-shirts. There is another version of this one with white lights around the edge,

Let's Do It Like We're Underage

Which, if I remember correctly, was full of interesting mistakes.

Limited Edition

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Maple Match Tote

Show your love of mapley goodness and your new favorite way to date with a Maple Match Tote! Holds groceries, books, and maybe even <a href="http://www.gettyimages.com/photos/justin-trudeau?excludenudity=true&amp;family=editorial&amp;mediatype=photography&amp;phrase=justin%20trudeau&amp;sort=mostpopular" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">an album full of Justin Trudeau pics</a>.