DJ VOTO Merchandise

<div>Show your support by buying a shirt :D &lt;3</div><div>I have a lot of big things  coming this year and you just buying 1 shirt will make everything i'm trying to do so much easier! &lt;3 <br> </div><div>Thank you so much!! :)</div><div>Sending good vibes your way! </div><div><br></div><div><br></div>

Fight Standing

The first t-shirt design coming from the current one man company Fight Standing. Veteran based company focused on bringing the power of physical fitness to the masses. 

Trust me, I'm a radio DJ

Be proud of what you do, this is your chance to share it with the world! What a great gift for that radio personality in your life :-)

Ugly Christmas Sweater for DJ's - EU-gre

<b>We think that DJ's deserve to have their ugly Christmas sweater, so we've made one! Just chose your color!</b><br><br>You can buy one for yourself, or even better, as a gift!<br><br>We hope that many DJ's will get it as a gift!<br><br>Don't want a sweater? You can buy a T-Shirt, a mug, or a sticker.<br><br>Products will be shipped before Christmas!<br><br>**NOTE*** This version is for Europe and other non-US location, for the US version click here:<br><a href="" target="" rel="nofollow"></a><br><br><b>How to order:</b><br>1. Click the drop down menu and select your product and style<br>2. Click "<b>Buy it now</b>"<br>3. Select size and quantity<br>4. Enter shipping and billing information<br><br><i>Tip: Buy 2 or more products to save a lot on shipping!<br><br></i><i>Thanks for viewing our product! We hope you liked it! <br><b>You can check out our other products if you want here:</b><br></i><i><a href="" target="" rel="nofollow"></a></i><br><br><img src=""><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>