Keep Calm and Keep Drawing

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Water Color Zentangle

Get your fun water color Zentangle patterned shirt, a great addition to your spring tees.

His Name Is

Beautiful Zentangle inspired His Name Is t-shirt.

Tiger Dragon Yin Yang

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The first in a series of apparel designs drawing influence from ancient Japanese wood block prints.

Black Shirt Classic Obsessive logo

The front of the shirt has OBVSB which stands for Obsessive Brand. On the Back of the shirt there is a drawing done by Jaden C of a Palm tree and an umbrella. This represents relaxation in these nice summer days. 

Prince tee

Original artwork by T. Hester


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Starving Art Student Project

This simple yet evocative design says it all. When you're in art school, all you want to do is create! But there are still bills to be paid and grades to be made. When your brain reaches it's limit, you <i>"</i>Can't think, just art".



who's poppy?

P-O-P-P-Y, who's that?<br>Original artwork by myself, Derek Sumares AKA Clean Art Collective<br>

I Draw Works of Art

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