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The Origin Of 420

Everybody uses the term 420 these days, but very few people know where it originates. This T-shirt tells the story of a group of school boys ( the Waldos), a treasure map and a quest for an abandoned crop that would forever lead to 420 being associated with marijuana. It is also available in white with black writing. The T-shirt is printed both sides.

500 mgs of fukitol

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Sons of Cannabis (California) Tshirt

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Sons of Cannabis (Michigan) Tshirt

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420 is the cannabis enthusiast signature, it is known worldwide. Spread the love.

Even Jesus had needs

Designing shirts for respectful humor!!  All sales are to help aide in the purchase of a tournament Bass boat to make dreams come true!  We appreciate all purchases.  Thank you and happy living!

V neck Psychedelic Retro Hippie Owl

Psychedelic Retro Hippie Owl <br>Owl design by Freepik

Posting Uniform

if you wear this shirt while you post it will imbue your posts extra energy

eu Hoodie Psychedelic Gypsy Soul

Psychedelic Gypsy Soul<div><br></div><div> <b>#BoostedEU</b><br> </div>

Medical Marijuana Logo

This T-shirt features just the logo form my other Medical Marijuana T-shirts that have slogans.