One more duck

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Gobbler Effect T

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duck duck donald come on tee

as you order guys this is  for you

MALLARD calm shirt

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Don't Give A Duck - Limited

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Rubber Duck Emoji Naughty Look

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Don't Duck With Me T Shirt

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Golden Duck Long sleeved shirt

A Golden Duck long sleeved shirt with logo and blue background. £10.00

Rubber Duckie

Swimming is great, but the tank speaks for itself. There is absolutely no logical explanation as to why this tank was designed the way it was, but that's exactly why it's special. The precise bit of randomness mixes tremendously well with the smooth, flamboyant elegance embedded in the style. The best part is, the message is clear. Wear this once and no one will even piss near your pool! Wear it twice and…well, it's safe to assume they won't ever piss again. Exciting as well as entertaining, this tank is super fun to show off. It's the type of material to wear to your own wedding. Just imagine wearing this to a pool party. #Lifeoftheparty! 


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