Peace with Earth

We've heard it from our grandparents, "your are nothing without your health." Apply this age old knowledge to our Earth. If Earth isn't healthy we will have nothing. Earth is what provides you with the life you lead now. It is not the money you make but the fact that we have a planet floating in the middle of space that provides us with water to drink, air to breathe and countless other supplies to sustain our life. It is time we make peace with this fact and with Mother Earth. 

Birthplace Earth Race Human T-Shirt

Birthplace Earth Race Human T-Shirt

Make Our Planet Great Again!

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Melting Earth Poster

Melting Earth

research flat earth Globexit

the earth is flat - get over it. We're not here to convince you we're here to push things forward. Get on board. The globe is dead

Vegan For.. (planet)

Vegan For.. series hoodie features an Earth drop graphic. This one's for the planet!

Flat Earth Society Tee

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Baby Blue Earth Farm Onesies

Hi! Everyone has been asking for t-shirts and merch. Here are some! Thank for you showing support for the farm right on your own body. We love you. -The Blue Earth Farm Family<br>


flat earth

#Flat earth. re open your mind

#flatearth The earth is flat get over it. The globe was built by men who are not even here anymore. Time for a reshuffle. ⭐️Peace Out


The words and the picture say it all. This shirt is will pop the minds of people as they try to remember whether or not the supposed spinning ball has been circumnavigated from North-South in a complete NON-STOP loop. On back they will be prompted to check out UnsilentMajorityTV on YouTube. <br>


motavation...flat earth map