The Basket of Deplorables

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Bad Hombres and Nasty Women

Back by popular demand!  Be part of the fun.  Get it while you can!

Anyone But Trump

He's my president but he's #NotMyPresident<div>#StillWIthHer</div>


Front: YOUR VOTE WAS A HATE CRIME.<div><br></div><div>Back: NO TRUMP. NO KKK. NO FASCIST USA.</div>

In Brotherhood We Rise Up

Support the Falcons in SB 51. Rise Up!<br>

Never Forget Heritage Commemorative Tee

Remind Everyone That You Will Never Forget What Happened That Fateful Day When The Governor of South Carolina and The Traitors In The State General Assembly Voted To Remove The Sacred Symbol of Your Ancestors. The Perfect Gift For The Heritage Supporter In Your Life.  All Proceed Will Benefit The South Carolina Secessionist Party's Efforts of Education, Preservation, and Activism In Defense of Southern Heritage.

Jedidiah Brown Women's T-Shirt

<div>JEDIDIAH BROWN FOR MAYOR 2019</div><div>Contribute to Jedidiah Brown's Mayoral Campaign by purchasing the Jedidiah Brown for Mayor T-shirt and wearing it. After you receive your t-shirt, take a photo of you wearing it, post it to your Instagram page, then tag Jedidiah Brown on his Instagram page. He'll definitely appreciate it.  </div><div><br></div><div>OTHER MERCHANDISE</div><div>To purchase other campaign merchandise, like sweatshirts and mugs, click, "The Jedidiah Brown Store" link (in hot pink) toward the bottom of this page.</div><div><br></div><div>Thank you for your support. </div>

Indivisible-Support DemocraticCandidates

All profits will be used to support Democratic candidates, especially in critical races.

We Will Remember - #DumpDevos

Purchase this shirt specifically designed to remember the nomination of a dangerously unqualified Sec. of Education.  We will remember at mid term elections. 

Cecil / Harambe 2016

Can't decide between Hillary and Trump? Don't vote for either of them! On November 8th vote with your conscience and write in your vote for Cecil the Lion and Harambe the Gorilla.  Show your support buy buying a t-shirt and lets get these heroes elected! Never forget, Cecil / Harambe 2016! 

Benghazi TRUMP Daily T-Shirt

Remember the 4 lives lost in 2012 and show your support of Mr. Trump while showing who should be accountable for these wholly avoidable deaths.

The People's Inauguration 2017 Shirt

The People's Inauguration is a fully grassroots funded event based on building a stronger and more unified Progressive community in Florida. We need to sell a few t-shirts to help with buying permits and insurance. Buy a shirt and ask a friend to buy one as well. If we sell more than 50 shirts all additional proceeds will go towards building a bigger and better Progressive movement in Florida.