Behind my smile there's a story...

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Dear MOM

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Original Gentleman

I'm an OG and the G stand for gentleman 

A Girl Looking For Her Princess

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I'm Shingle shirt

Show everyone that you are single and ready to mingle with some class.<br>

90th Infantry Division -Thank us

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I'm not Mean, I'm Honest

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I'm So Freaking Cold

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Get To Know Me

This will speak to anyone in your area,let's make friend's with other's, and "Make America Great Again" Be Safe 


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What Makes A Man?

What makes a man? It's easy to be a spectator in life and think, that would never happen to me; and then it does. It's easy to stay silent on matters because it doesn't involve you; and then it does. While you can pick and choose what you choose to stand up and fight for, you can't do it only when it's convenient to you because that battle is that much weaker. I have personally witnessed so many so called feminist willing to fight, but only on matters that affect them. They don't see the hypocrisy when they tell men to be a man or say a trans man will never be as strong as an actual man. That defeats the entire purpose of what feminism is about. So after the women's march, when I saw a lot of people saying they felt that trans women felt excluded, it reminded me of a watercolor piece I did a few years ago on transgender people. It was a little fuck you to the chromosomes that you were born with and now I will put it on a shirt. There are two designs, one for trans men and one for trans women on what makes a woman and what makes a man? 


Your dream(s) can become reality; WHEN is up to you!