Impeach 45

Impeach him. Now. Please.

(TS) Limited Edition - Someplace Beautiful

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Be Black and Chill

Be Black and Chill

No Bullshit Shirt #1

Our first shirt! Help us stop the internet's BS by buying a shirt.

A Girl From The South Side

"Michelle LaVaughn Robinson...a girl from the south side..." - President Obama had us all in tears as he honored his wife during his farewell speech. For 8 years she showed grace, dignity, humility, humor and beauty in her role as First Lady. Chicago born and raised, we will forever look up to her.  <br> This is for all the girls from the south side.  <br> Hand drawn by Renisha James of Renewed Designs. 

(TS) Limited Edition - Mirror Mirror

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#RandalStrong Adults

My friend Randal, who’s only a few years older than me, found out a year ago, during a normal doctor visit, that he has cancer. That could happen to any of us, and it put life into perspective for me, that health should never be taken for granted.I hope these words reach you, and maybe you can help out with thoughts and prayers. Randal needs it, his family needs it, and the people that love him need it. We’re not going out without a fight.


BRAAP Dad Hat or SnapBack Hat 

htop t-shirt

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The Newton Project

www.<b>T</b>he<b>N</b>ewton<b>P</b> is building a church in rural Guatemala in memory of <b>Jarred Newton</b>.  Every financial donation is tax deductible and  goes to a very worthy cause.

Nope, Not Today.

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