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Never Fully Dressed without a Smile

Always make sure you leave the house with your most important accessory... a smile!

Josh's Theater

LCTC is trying to build a theater in the honor of one of their most cherished members. <b>Unfortunately we lost Josh when he was only 21 years old.</b> He left behind a wife, a daughter and a son that he never got to meet. <b>Help us build a theater for Josh, buy the shirt. </b>


A t-shirt commemorating historical events that took place as in pertains to African Americans (Birthdays, Accomplishments, etc.). Black History Month in the United States is celebrated in February. Ironically, this is the shortest month of the year. This shirts takes the concept of the month of February and highlights historical events, from varying years, that happened in the month of February!

"The Further Adventures of..." wearables

Now, you can take Maggie Day, Drake Darling, Frank Gallagher and all the gang from "The Further Adventures of..." with you wherever you go in these high-quality wearables. Wear them to our Fringe show Aug. 12-27, or if you can't make it to NYC, show your support for TOSOS!

Old Bridgewater Historical Society

Help support OBHS's historic preservation efforts by purchasing a shirt today! 

Support Theater - Mosaic Productions

Mosaic Productions was founded by 4 Minnesotans who are inspired by theatre. Please help us put on our next production buy purchasing a t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, or hoodie. Not only will you be helping us fund our show - you will also be able to tell the world you support local theatre! Thank you for your support!<br>

Theatre Logic

Theatre Logic explained!