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Hi, I'm Marco. If you dislike going down your Facebook feed and seeing a bunch of fake articles about how the cure for cancer's at the grocery store, as well as hatred upon autistic people, this is the campaign you've been looking for. We love science. And spreading awareness on how reality actually works is a vital step. Furthermore, 100% of the revenue from this campaign will be automatically donated to Children's Cancer Research Fund, which is an organization that, as they mention on their website, invests in lifesaving, leading-edge research in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure of childhood cancers and blood-related disorders. So if you love science as much as we do, go ahead and join!<br><br><br>For science!

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Support our new TV Series SINS. Starring Fancy Macelli, Nathan Parsons, Henry Czerny, &amp; Danielle Campbell. SINS is a crime drama that follows ADA Sabine Evans on a decade long quest to put away a serial killer.

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The Amphigory Effect

Making sense of this nonsensical world. We strive to provide quality entertainment with an educational twist. All proceeds go toward making our show better for you! Thank you so much for your support!

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NO TALENT HOOKER: A Facebook Story

Have you ever had some random dude hurl insults at you on the internet? This was one of those things, except instead of just blocking him, Liberty Rose and Kate NYx of Broad St Burlesque decided to turn his insults into t-shirts and give the money to charity. All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.