Haircuts + Coffee + Music + Milwaukee

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Kev And His Jeep

Living my dream of traveling the country while living out of my Jeep.

This Beard Needs Beer

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Friends and Family first Run 2

As a thank to all my friends and family who have pushed me to pursue my dream and helped me along the way, I am selling a limited run of Chef RedBeard's t-shirts, hoodies, and stickers. This will be the only time to get a shirt with the logo by itself. Future shirts will have slogans, web addresses and phone numbers. These items are also $5 to $10 cheaper than they will be in the future. This sale will only run until 11pm, June 27th

Beard Power

The power of the beard is undeniable

New Beer'd T-shirt - Limited Edition!

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Do You Know SirManBeard?

Everyone Needs a Little ManBeard in their live

Dark Side Beards - ENDING SOON!

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Relationship Status Taken By A Bearded

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logo bearded woodsman

logo bearded woodsman


A must have t-shirt for chubby men with beards 


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