God is good hard stuff

Go Team Barb!

On August 21st, Barb Studebaker was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Show Barb your love and support by purchasing a "Team Barb" t-shirt.  A portion of the sales will be donated to Barb as she fights to kick cancer's butt! Go team Barb! 

May The Force Be With You!

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In God We Trust

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Corrections Officer T-Shirt | Evil

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Totally Worth It!

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New Micah 6 Design! White &amp; Red!

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Don't be distracted by the things around you, give God your time, treasures and commitment for 90 days and watch the turn around in your life!

I Just Miss My Son In Heaven

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Support our little fighter!

Emma was born too early and has been fighter like a hero! Show your support for our favorite preemie Emma Anne!