Halloween I can drive a stick

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Witch Like Me

WLM is a TX Music event in it's 5th yr to benefit Miss LIZ ARNOLD 10/24/15: (www.lizarnoldmusic.com/)12/17/11 Liz was the victim of a horrific assault. She was found unconscious &amp; in cardiac arrest with an electrical cord tied around her neck. The quick response of the Allen Fire Department was able to revive her after several attempts. Sadly, Liz suffered a devastating brain injury.She's undergoing a series of neuro stem cell transplants.Though experimental, it has improved many lives &amp; in some cases full restoration. Those of us that know her, know she's a fighter &amp; determined. The medical community gave her little hope at 1st, but she survived the assault, leaving her in a coma.They didn't believe that she would ever wake but she did. They said she would never become conscious;1 physician said,"She has 0 chance of a meaningful recovery."That person was replaced. Lizzy is now in a semi-conscious state, improving &amp; is in physical therapy daily. As she progresses, she keeps beating expectations of the medical community.Her eyes are open, she responds to people &amp; stimulus around her, she cries when she is upset &amp; smiles when she is happy.---Aubrey England is a fellow musician &amp; grew up w/Liz. "It broke my heart to hear what happened. I'll do anything I can to help her family provide treatments she needs to continue improving her health. I dream to hear her sing again!" www.aubreylynnengland.com/witchlikeme

witches do it in circles

witches do it in circles <div><br></div><div>#BOOSTEDPILLOW<br><div><br></div> </div>


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SEA-WITCH v1 shirt

An old Sea-Witch t-shirt design featuring Moss Angel sigil plus text from the beginning of Sea-Witch v.1

WOZ - Good Witch?

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If the Broom Fits Ride It!

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W.I.T.C.H - Women In Total Control Here

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Brooms are for amateurs

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Black Cat Full Moon Bats Halloween Adult

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