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<div>*We as Black people have to tell our own stories. We have to document our history. When we allow someone else to document our history the history becomes twisted and we get written out. We get our noses blown off.— Erykah Badu</div><div>*For a closer fit size down.</div><div>*To choose a long sleeve tee, click on the bar below "available styles" button and scroll down. To choose a kids version click here-&gt; TEESPRING.COM/OURSTORYKIDS<br> </div>

Birthplace earth race human politics fre

Birthplace earth race human politics freedom religion love

Undoomed Freedom T-shirt

Celebrate the fact that we have free speech with this awesome T-shirt!

Faith, Flag, Freedom

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FPF Shirt (2017 Limited Edition)

Transparency happens when secrecy is challenged by the freedom of the press! Show your support for press freedom with our high quality t-shirt, perfect for all occasions where you need to speak truth to power. Features a real leaked Snowden document released by the Guardian in 2013 and available in multiple sizes and cuts. Newspaper-gray only.

FPF Shirt

Show off your love for press freedom with our one and only t-shirt line with Freedom of the Press Foundation's logo in the front. Available in multiple sizes and three colors that look good in any season, which there's only one of in our San Francisco HQ but maybe more where you live!


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I fought for life and freedom

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Freedom Has Nice Ring To It

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FPF Exclusive Sticker

Do you have a laptop, skateboard, car bumper or music venue bathroom that could use some ~edge~? Our sticker, which is boldly minimal but also pretty large can help! It features our logo, which has ALL-CAPS letters to be as loud as an free, adversarial press should be.

Be An American t-shirt.

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Warning Conservative

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