Limited Edition - Washington Wine

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Limited Edition - Reverse Wine Snob Tees

Show off your affinity for cheap wine! For a limited time you can buy <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Reverse Wine Snob</a> tees. These will only be around until Dec. 15 so get them before they are gone! And yes, they will ship in time for Christmas. Cheers!

Nevertheless, she persisted.

<div> <b>100% of proceeds from this campaign will be donated to Planned Parenthood</b><div> <br>"She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted." -Senator Mitch McConnell<br><br>On Tuesday, January 7th, Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced on the House floor while attempting to read a letter from Coretta Scott King about career racist Jeff Sessions. Now you can wear McConnell's words as a feminist battle cry in honor of every woman who has faced bigoted old white men and, nevertheless, persisted!<br><br><i>Thanks Mitch!</i> </div> </div>

WTF - Wine Tasting Friends

WTF - Wine Tasting Friends <div> <div> <b>Is It Wine Tasting Friends?  (WTF)</b><br> </div> <div>This Is Going To Be Your Gift!!!<br>Available for a <b>LIMITED TIME</b> only<b><br></b> </div> <div> <b>This will sell out. </b>Order yours now. <br> </div> </div><div><b>Hoodie, Long Sleeve, t-shirt =&gt; <a href="" target=""></a></b></div><div> <b>Tips: Buy 2 or more to save shipping cost.</b>  <div> <br>Guaranteed safe and secure checkout via:</div> <div><br></div> <div> <b>Paypal | VISA | MASTERCARD</b> <br><b>Need Help? Contact Teespring</b>  <br><b>Email:</b>[email protected]  <div> <b>Or Call:</b> +1(855)833-7774 </div> </div> </div>

"Eleven's Dice" Unisex T-Shirt or Mug

If you're a fan of <b>STRANGER THINGS</b>, then we don't need to tell you why we thought it'd be cool to put the "number 11" all over a 20-sided dice (a dice commonly used to play <i>Dungeons &amp; Dragons</i>). <i>This limited edition shirt &amp; mug are available for </i><i>ONLY 4 DAYS. </i>After that, we'll <u><i>never</i></u> make this print again so if you want it, this is your ONE and ONLY chance. We made <i>80 orders </i>our goal, considering all the 80s influence in the show. <i>Are you one of the Top 80 fans of </i>STRANGER THINGS? Prove it and order now while you still can! <div><br></div><div>POPCOULTURE creates original &amp; creative pop-culture themed products weekly and allows you to buy for 4 days only! After those 4 days the artwork is never used again, thus making all our items instant collectibles.</div>

Wine by the Campfire

What could be better than drinking some wine by the campfire with your closest friends?! Nothing that I can think of. :-)<div> <br><div>Available in a hoodie and women's tee.</div> <div><br></div> <div>See our store <a href="http://" title="Link: http://" rel="nofollow"><b>HERE</b></a> for more campfire apparel.</div> <div><br></div> <div><br></div> </div>

#GIRLSQUAD/Wellspring Living

This funderaiser has been put together by a group of women known as the #GIRLSQUAD. Alll proceeds earned will be donated to the program known as Wellspring Living. "This program  securely houses and serves survivors of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking with a focus on trauma therapy, education, life skills, and confidence." This funderaiser is not only to help those in need but also to spread awareness of sex trafficking.

Nevertheless, She Persisted

The quote from Senator Mitch McConnell that defended his silencing of Senator Elizabeth Warren during the debate of the nominee Jeff Sessions.


First of many SA t-shirts, mugs and stickers for Tribe members to not only represent pride in being a member but to support the growth of Silent Awareness Flow Journey as we all move forward into greatness. <br>

I'd rather be at a wine tasting

on the back - "<b>ask me about hosting a free wine tasting</b>" <br>

American Wine Glass

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