RedRidingNoob and the Wolfpack

This is the design for me and my awesome community ! I am happy to present this cosy and sweet design for all of you to wear and feel even more part of this wolf pack!<div><br></div><div> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a><br> </div>

Button Mashers

This is the first T-shirt for Wear your G button proud as Hamper guides you through video games.

TwitchSwitch Shirt

This is the official shirt to support the TwitchSwitch community! You can now represent TwitchSwitch on your stream or out in public!

JamesWerk WerkShop Community Shirt

The first shirt for the WerkShop Community from JamesWerk, who is a partnered Twitch streamer that can be found at

BT Chat memes

This multi-purpose shirt is not just wearable and styling, but can also be used as a dishrag, mousepad, napkin and you can use it equally as effective both during the day or night (your choice!)<div><br></div><div>This commemorative shirt represents several years of BaseTradeTV chat, the memes, the emotes, everything that is us. Hope you enjoy it &lt;3</div>

Stug Life

Show your support for Team Rita with the "Stug Life" T-shirt!

Dota 2 life

<div>Shout out to all Dota 2 fans out there !</div><div>Get this exclusively designed apparels about dota life.<br> </div>

OMGcraft Gold Foil Tee!

<div>This official tee, available in either black or white, features the OMGcraft logo printed in shiny gold!</div><div><br></div><div>Click "Buy It Now" to pick your size!</div>

Down Under

The official team shirt of Australia's own, Down under twitch team.<br>Find them at : <br><br><br>


The second shirt to hit the store!


Purchase your very own "Rage" t-shirt, featuring Terroriser and MsVixen!<br>

Eastside Studio Gear

Back by popular demand! Get your Eastside Studio gear.