Obsessive Cat Disorder!

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Alternative Racks Tribe

Bringing awareness to genetic mutations that cause breast and other cancers.  Prevention = Previval.  Prophylactic Mastectomy &amp; Mastectomy is not a boob job. 

Dan's MPS Smash!

International MPS Awareness Day is May 15th! Dan was diagnosed with MPS II/Hunter Syndrome when he was two years old. Average life expectancy for this diagnosis is only 12-15 years old. Our current treatment option only slows some symptoms of the disease and might give us an extra couple of years, but it can't stop anything and does nothing for the progressive brain damage. Show your love and support for Dan by helping Saving Case and Friends fund research to cure MPS II. <div><br></div><div>Shipping takes approximately two weeks, so place your orders before the end of April to have your shirt in time for May 15th!</div>

Genetically One Bad

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Help support the National MPS Society this May 15th for National MPS Awareness Day!


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Proud Mother of Genetic Counselor!

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Isabelle's Wings

<i></i>I started selling shirts last year in memory of my daughter Isabelle Faith. Isabelle had a rare genetic disorder called <i><u>Holoprosencephaly(HPE)</u></i> along with many more abnormalities. She was born and passed away on 10/15/2010 due to her health condition. This year I got the honor of participating in a Walk for Babies and learned a lot about the March of Dimes, and was brought to tears with the amazing stories I heard. Therefor I have decided to donate all profit to the March of Dimes this year! March of Dimes has been on a mission to help improve the health of mothers and babies since 1938 and their hard work is inspiring. 


The day my doctor wrote this on a piece of paper, I knew at some pointI would need to have a shirt. So...from one clotter (C677T) to another, I give you the T-Shirt that will allow for tons of Conversation!

Special Edition #cureSMA Awareness Shirt

<b><i><u>Special Edition #cureSMA Awareness T-Shirts</u></i></b><br><br><b>August is National Spinal Muscular Atrophy</b><br><b>(SMA) Awareness Month<br></b><br>When you purchase a <b>#cureSMA </b>t-shirt you will be helping spread SMA Awareness not only for the month of August but all year long and at the same time helping raise funds directly for SMA!!<br>These shirts will make great gifts. Many colors available!<br>Reserve yours and a friends today!<br><br>#cureSMA<br>#SMAawareness<br>#SMAaware<br>#SpinalMuscularAtrophy<br>#AreYou1in40?<br><br>*Never heard of SMA?<br>information about SMA can be found here... <a title="Link: http://www.curesma.org/" href="http://www.curesma.org/" target="">www.curesma.org</a><br>

I love someone with Marfan Syndrome

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