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Blues Soundtrack

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Old Man With A Bass Guitar

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Bass Guitar Heartbeat!

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Stop watching anime and get a job

I wrote this song for you.

Come With Strings Attached

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The little green man has landed !!! 

Limited Edition "Let's Get Wrecked" tee

Inspired by the novel Stoned by Mandi Beck

Limited Edition - Guitar - $14.99

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Virgil Guitars® 33 Guitars Circle Tee

These are actual photos of the incredible high-end custom, one-off guitars Virgil Guitars® had built from 2010 to 2016 - 33 guitars all aligned in one perfect circle. This t-shirt has amazing colors and is perfect for any guitar lover. Sports the original "Virgil Guitars®" signature logo on the front pocket area.

Virgil Guitars 33 Guitars Circle Shirt

This T-shirt represents the 33 guitars I've built over the past 6 years, including my first guitar, world-renowned  "Dueling Dragons" (and featured in "Guitar World's" September 2013 issue). Help support a small American company (I'm a one-man-show) and show these guitars with pride. These are actual photos of guitars aligned in a perfect circle and looks amazing! Thanks SO much for your support!<br>