Micah 6:8 (Mn's OR Wmn's FRONT)

By Popular Demand! Design On Front Of Shirt!<br><br>What Does The Lord Require Of You? To seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God of course. -- Micah 6:8<br><br>Available in men's and women's cuts and various <b><u>COLORS</u></b>, sizes S-5X. <i><b>Click on the down arrow under "Available Styles" to view women's cut and colors.</b></i><br><br><b>If you'd rather have the shirt with the design on the back</b> we've extended that offer for another 21 days. <b>You can order one</b> by clicking here:.<a href="http://buy.teespring.com/what-does-the-lord-require-of">http://buy.teespring.com/what-does-the-lord-require-of</a> <br><br><b>Bonus! Women's V-Neck (Front Design)</b><br>Click here: <a href="http://buy.teespring.com/micah-6-8-women-s-v-neck-fro">http://buy.teespring.com/micah-6-8-women-s-v-neck-fro</a> <br><br><b>Bonus! Women's V-Neck (Back Design)</b><br>Click here: <a href="http://buy.teespring.com/micah-6-8-women-s-v-neck-bac">http://buy.teespring.com/micah-6-8-women-s-v-neck-bac</a> <br>

Humbert Say Relax!

I Say Relax Tee

Humbert The Power Of

The power of

HUMBERT special shirt

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Humbert Keep Calm Let Humbert Handle

Keep calm and let me handle it!

HUMBERT calm shirt

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HUMBERT An Endless Legend

HUMBERT An Endless Legend T-Shirts, Hoodies. Hi HUMBERT, This is best for you.<br><br>Limited Time Offer! Not Sold In Stores.<br>Guaranteed safe and secure checkout: Paypal - VISA - MASTERCARD<br><br>**It will be printed and delivered as soon as the campaign ends**<br><br>Need Help Ordering? Email to: support@teespring.com