Alaska Hockey 2014-Goalie

The Staley Cup Event was established in 2004 after the passing of former Ice Dog Ric Aaron Staley. This event was designed to get together former teammates of Ric's to play an exhibition game in his honor. Over the past years this event has evolved to a tournament style of play and is reserved for former teammates, siblings of former teammates, and local players that have been sponsored by the Staley Memorial Cup. This annual event takes place at the Big Dipper Ice Arena in May. ALL PROFITS RECEIVED FROM THESE SHIRT ORDERS GO TO SUPPORT FAIRBANKS LOCAL YOUTH HOCKEY. Thank you for your support!<b><i><br>* Design created by Rep Ak Designs * </i></b><br><br>Other ways to donate:<br>Staley Cup Memorial Bank Acct.: Mt. McKinley savings account - Staley Cup Memorial

THH07 - Kidz

THH07 - Kidz<br>Överskottet går till lagkassan...

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Ice Skates

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Hockey Referee

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Be Hockey Old Man

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