@LoveinActionTV Shirts and Mugs!

We are so thrilled to announce our very first t-shirts and mugs to show your support of @LoveinActionTV network on Periscope! <br>Wear these shirts with pride knowing that you support a world where we enlighten, uplift &amp; inspire one another!<br>AND get a mug to be reminded how important it is to wake up in a positive vibe. <br><b>All proceeds will go to raising the prize money for Face Your Talent on Facebook!!.</b><br>

Inspiration for coping with Autism

Autism impacts the whole family, but most immediately, the siblings, parents, and grandparents. Often it is a struggle. On rough days, it is helpful to keep in mind the many positive ways that Autism has Changed the World for the better. Additionally, there are several shades of blue to consider for the annual "Light It Up Blue" campaign during April Autism Awareness month.

Days Of Inspiration

Days Of Inspiration is a travelling seminar/lecture with amazing speakers who have undergone huge obstacles in their lives to become successes. We want to raise money to be able to bring this amazing seminar to more cities all over North America. For details go to www.facebook.com/doi2014 

Inspire the Fall

The fall season approaches, and we want to see your Inspiration stay warm in upcoming months!