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I Speak Fluent Princess - 5 Days Only

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Trust me, I'm Tuvaluan

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Aleksandr Belugin

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Limited Edition - Gaindeer!

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Language Unity Tee

The Language Unity Tee raises awareness of endangered languages, featuring the word "unity" in English and five more languages from around the world. Discover and learn with us to keep these cultures alive at <a href="" target="" title="Link:"></a><div> <br>English- North America: Unity<br>Northwestern Ojibwe - North America:  maamawiino+wag<br>Ainu - Asia:  シネプ<br>Yiddish - Europe:  אחדות<br>Guarani - South America: peteĩ mba'e<br>Qchi - Central America: Jun</div>

Cute Enough Nurse


Zdravotní sestra

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Handstand Guy

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Wear this shirt and tell everyone that learning Tagalog is fun