Stay Strong! Marfan Syndrome Awareness

<b>Special Edition Stay Strong Against Marfan Syndrome T-Shirts<br></b><br>10% of the proceeds will be donated to the <b>Marfan Syndrome Foundation.</b> All donation updates will be shared on our FB page. Every shirt and hoody you buy will help in raising money for this charity. <i>Please note we are not directly affiliated with this Charity and we are selling these t-shirts as a third party. <br></i><br><b>3 Reasons You Should Buy This Shirt<br></b>1) You will help us raise money for the <b>Marfan Foundation.</b><br>2) You will spread the message that we need to raise awareness about Marfan Syndrome.<br>3) You will show your loved one they are not alone.<br><br><b>THANK YOU</b> For helping us and giving this wonderful Charity the support it deserves. Together we can beat it.<br><br>Click 'Buy It Now' below to place your order. We have both men and ladies t-shirts as well as long sleeve tees and hoodies. Order 2 or more items to save on shipping.

Marfan Syndrome. Help spread awareness

Knowledge is power and when it comes to something very rare like Marfan Syndrome we need all the power we can get to overcome the battle. Please help us spread the knowledge and fight for victory!