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Promoting love and peace. Promoting kindness and unity. 


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Anando Yoga Meditation Studio

 "Anando" a Sanskrit word expressing the natural expression of the sacred feminine, which translates as blissfulness, it's joy as love. Anando Yoga &amp; Meditation Studio, a dream which manifested two years ago October of 2014, due to my vision and supportive husband Gary - we co-created a sacred space for people to practice and heal with ANANDO's offerings.  "Build it and they will come" has been my mantra, although some days I have to admit I wasn't so sure. I kept showing up, Gary kept supporting me and I am happy to say that ANANDO Yoga &amp; Meditation will be celebrating our 2nd Anniversary, October 28th.  ANANDO has slowly begun to build a beautiful community of amazing people and my dream continues ~ inspiring people to self love, self care and healing. A gentle request to share the message of ANANDO living more blissful, joyful and loving. <br> <div>Thank you for your kindness.</div><div> Love and Light, </div><div>Donna Spear </div><div>Owner "Anando" Yoga &amp; Meditation</div>

Limited Edition - Meditation

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Buddhist Meditation

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