Paws And Meditate Throw Pillow

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Meditation Seas Decorative Pillow

Elegant decorative pillow depicting peaceful seas is a lovely accent to your decor. Perfect artistic pillow for your meditation room or yoga studio or any peaceful room.

Relax Yoga Meditation Quote Canvas

Designed for anyone who loves yoga, meditation, inhale exhale, positivity, good vibe, mindfulness. #BoostedCanvas


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Anando Yoga Meditation Studio

 "Anando" a Sanskrit word expressing the natural expression of the sacred feminine, which translates as blissfulness, it's joy as love. Anando Yoga &amp; Meditation Studio, a dream which manifested two years ago October of 2014, due to my vision and supportive husband Gary - we co-created a sacred space for people to practice and heal with ANANDO's offerings.  "Build it and they will come" has been my mantra, although some days I have to admit I wasn't so sure. I kept showing up, Gary kept supporting me and I am happy to say that ANANDO Yoga &amp; Meditation will be celebrating our 2nd Anniversary, October 28th.  ANANDO has slowly begun to build a beautiful community of amazing people and my dream continues ~ inspiring people to self love, self care and healing. A gentle request to share the message of ANANDO living more blissful, joyful and loving. <br> <div>Thank you for your kindness.</div><div> Love and Light, </div><div>Donna Spear </div><div>Owner "Anando" Yoga &amp; Meditation</div>

Limited Edition - Meditation

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Buddhist Meditation

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Overflowing Abundance

Abundance is overflowing all around you, just claim and it all yours!