Fata Mortalis

<i>Fata Mortalis - <b></b></i><b></b>Mortal Destiny.<br><br>Want to look metal without supporting a band? Here is the solution! <br><br><br><i>From the US? Get it </i><a title="Link: https://teespring.com/fata-mortalis_US#pid=369&amp;cid=6529&amp;sid=front" target="_blank" href="https://teespring.com/fata-mortalis_US#pid=369&amp;cid=6529&amp;sid=front"><i>here</i></a><i>.</i><br>

Mortality by Sidian

Mortality Clothing is not just something you wear, it's something you believe in. <div><br></div><div>When you embrace Mortality, you embrace the impermanence of life, and remind yourself every single day - to live. - Sidian Morning Star</div>