Infertility Inspiration

I wanted to give all my fellow infertility sisters a little hope, and I thought this would be the perfect way! Even if you don't have infertility, and this quote pertains to you I hope it helps you through your day and puts a smile on your face.<div>The proceeds that I earn will go towards my SO and I'd future child's fund.</div>

Make Stuff Not War!

<b>Mens version of my "Make Stuff Not War" Tee! </b><div><b>It speaks for itself - let's just make cool stuff. :)</b></div>

Keep the Lights ON in Kibuye

MAOPS KCU-COM (along with MAOPS KCU-JOPLIN and MAOPS ATSU-KCOM) is raising funds to help buy solar panels and a solar generator for Kibuye Hope Hospital in Burundi.  Proceeds from your t-shirt purchase(s) goes directly towards that effort. All three campuses are competing to raise the most money to Keep the Lights on in Kibuye, so your purchase not only helps raise money for Kibuye, but also helps your campus chapter!


Prefer to stay warm and cozy? Rock the newest hoodie from wedontsitoncouches while sharing this bold statement!

Common Sense is to be shared

Do you know someone who lacks common sense? Have no fear, the bag of Common Sense is here.  This is the bag for that person who lacks good judgement. Now, they have no excuse cause you bought them a bag of Common Sense. 

Female to Male Top Surgery Fundraiser

These quotes are to keep you inspired and your spirits uplifted. <div>Reminding yourself that there is nothing that you cannot overcome in life, no matter how hard the past or present. </div>

Don't Give Up...Believe . iSeeBe

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Bold statement announcing you are smart and strong 


To impact, inspire and uplift fathers from all walks of life, to be leaders in their community by developing initiatives that promote being an active father and engaging their children in productive and responsible ways. <div><br></div><div><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a></div>

Life Goals

I want to be Carol when I grow up<br>


I am Major The Great, Designer and Creator of <b>WE MVJXR</b> Clothing. There are people in this world who feel they can't be themselves. I designed this shirt to say "<b>Being Yourself is ok!</b>" Love who you are and <b>Be You</b>! Show the world you are proud of who you are by purchasing this Tee for <b>ONLY $15.99</b>!<b> </b>Available for Limited Time!