A Voice for Lil Olive Fall Campaign!

<strong>A Voice for Lil Olive</strong> is a new documentary in production from award-winning filmmaker Pete Schuermann. The film explores the special bond between pets and their families, and how rescued dogs change lives. Through the power of <i>awareness</i> on a scale never before seen, this movie could quite possibly end puppy mills once and for all, and raise awareness about rescued pets through the telling of Lil Olive’s tale. In this way, she becomes the voice for so many dogs and animals in need. <br><br>Buy a limited edition "supatongue thertified" hoodie, sweatshirt, or tee! 100% of the proceeds raised will be used to help fund the production of <i><b>A Voice for Lil Olive</b></i>. <br>

DMT: The Spirit Molecule

DMT: The Spirit Molecule.<div><br></div><div>10% of profits goes to MAPS.</div>

Newtown: Livi Punks T shirt

This T- shirt will help  with funding the documentary film Newtown: The story of The Livingston Punks by John Craigen. This film is about the punk scene and lives of those who experienced it in the late 70's early 80's in the Scottish Newtown of Livingston (West Lothian). For every T shirt bought customers will receive a finished copy of the film on DVD (when the film is completed) as part of this campaign.

The Great NHS Heist

Support our film whilst enjoying your beverage of choice with one of our limited-edition mugs featuring a print of our poster.<div><br></div><div>http://gofundme.com/TheGreatNHSHeist</div>

Forget Winnetou! Film Project

"What does a world that respects Indigenous peoples look like, that's working towards ending racism, colonialism, and other intersecting oppression on a global scale?" One of the first steps is eliminating stereotypes that dehumanize and objectify already marginalized peoples, the original peoples of Turtle Island.<br><br>Using Germany's popular pseudo-Indian "Winnetou" as a symbol, our documentary will trace the history and negative effects of Native stereotypes, and share Native voices educating about their peoples, cultures and histories on their own terms, about the past, present and future.<br><br>Help support our film project by purchasing one of the products sporting the film logo design created by one of the directors, Red Haircrow. Learn more about the project or support us in our ways by visiting <a href="https://forgetwinnetou.com/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">www.forgetwinnetou.com</a>.<br>


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Keep Calm Listen Documentary Photographe

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Morior Invictus Original

1st Edition Morior Invictus Originals<div><br></div><div>CS:GO West Coast</div><div>https://play.esea.net/teams/152290<br> </div><div><br></div><div>CS:GO East Coast Team </div><div>https://play.esea.net/teams/146259<br> </div>


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Purely for entertainment purposes, this "Planetary" shirt is one of probably just a few designs that will bring joy to all those that view them!<br>