Radgod Never Quit

The spirit of Radgod can be with you. The spirit of "never quit". From the pages of the fourth and final book in the thrilling Radgod series, make this yours while you can!

Game Change Hers Birdgang Tee

Support The Game Change Hers organization and rep your fave team at the same time. 

My City Is Saving Hip Hop

Buffalo NY is literally saving hip hop

Original T from 2007

In 2007 when we launched a friend write our company name on a piece of paper and we decided to turn it into a t-shirt. I printed 100 of them a wore them everyday for the whole summer. I can't tell you how many strangers stopped me on the street telling me how Hip Hop had saved their life! I knew we were on to something...<br>

Trans Trenderz : Trans HipHop Realness

<b>Trans Trenderz is a non-profit trans-only record label.</b> Our mission is to release music that is accessible for free while helping transgender people get into the music industry.<div> <br><div>After releasing the world's first ever trans-only hip hop mixtape in November 2016, the Trans Trenderz are already working on new projects but without any funding, producing music that is worthy of being played on FM radio isn't an easy task.</div> <div> <br>This is why, for the next 21 days, we will be selling some cool merch ;)</div> <div><b>100% of the profit made from these sales will go directly towards financing the career of up and coming transgender hip hop artists and allow us to keep putting music out for free :D</b></div> </div>

Vintage The Fugees shirt!! Limited!!!

Vintage band tees for your super retro future look. We bring nostalgic shirts back to modern life.