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Establishment media is fake news

After Donald Trump's victory the left has claimed that socalled "fake news" handed him the victory. Ignoring all the fake news they created themselves. Lets stick it to the establisment media scum. Order now

Alternative Facts T-shirt news channel

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway coined a new term Sunday morning. White House Press secretary Sean Spicer was not lying about the size of the crowd at Trump's inauguration. <br>

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News is #nottheenemy

News is #nottheenemy. Let them know that just because you report the news, you are not the enemy. 

Fake News

The Ant Jones Show

Keep Calm Bill is Gone

Bill is gone the fox has left the coup news flash TV will never be the same without  the pithy comments. Finally a new page to be turned in the world of political commentary on television.  Great gift for mom, dad or your aunt who is celebrating a peoples rights win and against sexual harrassment.  

Too much negativity in the world.

If all you see and hear is doom and gloom in the world it gives one a sense of hopelessness, We have to start revealing the good and positive things that are right in front of our eyes that are always being overshadowed by darkness. We have to uplift each other . Everyone wants to see and hear Good News. It puts a smile on ones face and heart. That makes for a better world.

The Pitt- Staff

The same as worn by the cast and crew of THE PITT, the legendary bar and grill in New Orleans.<br>