KID Sizes Buddies, Books and Brunch

<b>Buddies, Books &amp; Brunch: A Celebration of Black History</b>, is a program created to ensure schools teach and celebrate notable African Americans and their contributions to the United States of America.  We work hard to create campus wide activities for the entire month of February. This year, we've also added a student field trip to our programmings. Youth ages 14-18 will experience a highly engaged, all day field trip to learn about Freedmen's Town and visit other historical sites in Houston, TX.  <div><br></div><div>Your purchase helps us take 40 students on this field trip and helps us purchase books written by African American authors to be donated to KIPP Voyage Academy for Girls and KIPP Polaris Academy for Boys. To learn more about our efforts, please visit </div>

87OUTLAW - "AllDamnKnight"

The first line of clothing from 87OUTLAW. An apparel line designed by Beta Chapter of Omega Delta Phi solely for the purpose of fundraising.

Help MNSOLE help MN police agencies!

We are an organization set up to be a positive voice for the LE community in MN. We are in the starting stages of becoming a non profit organization which will allow us to financially support education for our youth in regards to what our heros do every day, gifting high quality, life saving equipment that agencies across MN need, and care packages for departments to bring morale up across local agencies. <br><br>All profits will initially be used to pay for the costs of applying and registering for non-profit status, and publishing educational materials. <br><div><br></div><div><br> </div>

WWCode Boston LS Tee

Support Women Who Code's vision of an industry where women are representative as technical executives, founders, Venture Capitalists, board members and software engineers.

Through Their Eyes Campaign

The Connection Network ("TCN") is a non-profit organization comprised of professional women of color. TCN's mission is to cultivate a positive impact in our community by providing a platform for women of color to support one another, build stronger professional networks and mentor the next generation of female leaders. <p>The Connection Network stands on the three-point model: <strong>Support, Network and Mentor</strong>. </p><p>Our main initiative under the Mentor platform is our <strong>"Through Their Eyes" mentoring program</strong>. TCN collaborates with institutions to provide mentoring sessions on various topics, including self-image, goal setting &amp; planning, defining beauty, and professionalism. All donations and raised funds for the Through Their Eyes mentoring program campaign goes towards supplies and  scholarships for mentoring participants throughout the year.</p><div><br></div>


This Mug is dedicated to the DELTA Crisis Management Team

You Can Sit With Us

Trying to put out a message of unity and inclusion, no matter who you love or what you're into.  We are stronger, happier and better when we appreciate the beauty that diversity brings.  

Alevolve Tee | ALL Proceeds Donated

<div>Hi, I'm Alex. Every year I try to do at least one donation through various outlets. I was going to sell these shirts as people have been asking, but I've decided to donate all the profits for the shirts sold in November and December. </div><div><br></div>This is the first campaign to help our veterans. ALL PROCEEDS are already set to go to the Semper Fi Fund. This is a foundation that has worked hard to actually help veterans. <div><br></div><div>DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT PROFITING MONETARILY WHATSOEVER ON THIS SHIRT. WHILE I AM BENEFITING FROM THE LOGO BEING ON THE SHIRT, ALL FUNDS ARE BEING DONATED TO THE SEMPER FI FUND.</div>