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Trying to put out a message of unity and inclusion, no matter who you love or what you're into.  We are stronger, happier and better when we appreciate the beauty that diversity brings.  

Alevolve Tee | ALL Proceeds Donated

<div>Hi, I'm Alex. Every year I try to do at least one donation through various outlets. I was going to sell these shirts as people have been asking, but I've decided to donate all the profits for the shirts sold in November and December. </div><div><br></div>This is the first campaign to help our veterans. ALL PROCEEDS are already set to go to the Semper Fi Fund. This is a foundation that has worked hard to actually help veterans. <div><br></div><div>DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT PROFITING MONETARILY WHATSOEVER ON THIS SHIRT. WHILE I AM BENEFITING FROM THE LOGO BEING ON THE SHIRT, ALL FUNDS ARE BEING DONATED TO THE SEMPER FI FUND.</div>