Power Of A Mom With A Doctoral Degree

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No fall too rough

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Show me your Stethoscope

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It's a Beautiful Day to save lives.

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It's a Beautiful Day To Save Lives

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WCBD Future Doctor Toddler Tee

Take another look at those drawings on the fridge...future Frank/Frances Netter? 

Doctorate Grandma Shirt

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Be the Doctor Shirt

Be the doctor your mother always wanted you to marry! Were your parents like this? We have a shirt for you! In women's (up to 2XL) or unisex (up to 5XL), or a hoodie to keep you warm on those long winter nights of studying. 


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This Is My Stethoscope!

This tee was inspired by you...  Doctors are not the only ones who use a stethoscope.<br>