Police Brutality

In a time where being black in presence of a cop, we need to take a stand for what is right. Let them know that they need to stop shooting us.

Didn't Die Yesterday Tee

T<b></b>his shirt shines a light on the situations concerning police brutality and injustice in America. A person of color living to see another day is, now, an accomplishment and a revolutionary act. Simply, because they <b>Didn't Die Yesterday</b>. News and media have shown that there is nothing that protects POCs from becoming victims of police brutality and injustice. This celebrates the lives of those who, in spite of those situations, have the opportunity to see another day.<div><br></div><div> <div>Wear this shirt proudly while informing people about the very harsh truth of being a person of color in America.</div> <div><br></div> <div>Phrase by Poet/Activist Kataalyst Alcindor. @MrLyst</div> <div>Shirt Concept by James Biko. @nappydjneedles</div> <div>Artwork by Eso Tolson. @coolurbanhippie</div> </div>


Enough of the Police Brutality. Enough of the violence.


Throughout history, a red flag has traditionally been a symbol of distress, defiance, revolt and civil disobedience. <br>Adopt the Red Flag as a symbol of protest against indifferent, selfish, remote and ideologically rigid government populated by the perpetually re-elected political class. Wear these items and peacefully add your voice of protest. <br>

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I Love Brutality

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