Fox News and Chill?

Best way to chill with a conservative.

Trump! USA, USA, USA!

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Real Americans Stand - Limited Edition

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Will not comply

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Nevertheless She Persisted - Resist Now

Resist border walls, immigration bans, unequal pay, bigotry, and racism. Go high, march on Washington, and resist Mitch McConnel and Trump and their anti democratic policies with this pro women’s rights feminist protest tee and related apparel and gifts. Women’s rights are human rights and love will always trump hate in America. The dissenting design is the iconic Rosie the Riveter image defiantly showing a girl power forearm tattoo that states "RESIST". She is wearing a pinkpussy kitted hat. The Drone Ranger font on the design states: “NEVERTHELESS SHE PERSISTED”.<div><br></div><div>Dress like a true woman of vision and fight for democracy in a country of immigrants with these progressive political protest tees and gifts. Keep resisting Trump, at every anti Trump rally!</div>

Supporting Israel is in My DNA

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She Insists That We Persist.

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Share your POTUS pride

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Nevertheless She Regenerated

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Pissed off that a man who commits sexual assault and demeans women was just elected as the President?  Angry that the glass ceiling still hasn't been broken?  <div><br></div><div>This election has made me realize that the next 4 years are going to be hard as hell, and now more than ever we women will have to band together and fight for our rights.  Let the world know that we are nasty women and we are not going away!  </div><div> <br><div>100% of the profits are being donated to Planned Parenthood.  </div> </div>

This Teacher Believes

As teachers, what we believe matters. It impacts our students, and therefore the future. Stand up for what YOU believe, while also supporting the ACLU.