Spartan Dec 2016

This will be the last go round of these designs.

Youth Team Ashlynn

Ashlynn already had to fight cancer once and now she has to beat it again. All proceeds from shirts go to Ashlynn! 

Black I Workout Because Tank Tops

I Workout Because Punching People Is Frowned Upon available in black, blue, red, purple, pink as flowy and fitted tank tops.<br><br>It's a great gift! <b>If you order more than one you'll save money on shipping.<br></b><br>Check out other shirts in my store: <b><a target="_blank" href=""></a></b><br>

Opposing Force Stronger Than Excuses

Stronger Than Excuses 


This design is first of series of original designs featured in the Limited Edition of soon launching iCARE COLLECTION. The iCARE COLLECTION is being launched in conjunction with my maiden book which comes out this year. Proceeds from this limited edition will help fund larger manufacturing with more options as well as distribution. Thanks for supporting this vision!

Make America Strong Again

Make the healthiest decision this year &amp; Make America Strong Again!

"Lady By Day Beast By Night"

<img src=""><img src="http://;set=pb.1335894575.-2207520000.1472274254.&amp;type=3&amp;theater">This is for the classy ladies who don’t mind exchanging high heels for powerlifting shoes. This is for the ladies who wear dresses during the day and sports bras/compression tights by night. LBDBBN was created to empower women to unleash their inner beast in a society that deems them as “weak”. This tee was created to remind them that the dumbbells, the squat racks, the 45lb plates are there for them to use as well! Ladies, don’t be afraid and don’t back down from anyone. You are a powerful and beautiful being and it’s time to unleash your inner beast. Represent this notion by wearing our brand today! After receiving your tee in the mail, we would LOVE for you to send us photos of you wearing your tee for our website. Email us with any questions, comments, or concerns at <a target="">[email protected]</a>.<br><br><div><i>Go get 'em girls!</i></div>

Make Powerlifting An Olympic Sport 2020

Let your voice be heard that powerlifting isn't the red headed step child to weightlifting!

FIT Together

Lots of items to celebrate getting FIT Together!

It's OK, I Know What I'm Doing

Some people just don't understand that women are serious weight lifters.  The moment you step in the gym, they are up in your face trying to "help."  This shirt lets them know that you're OK and don't need their help.<div><br></div>