Limited Edition ~ Raise Endo Awareness

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Limited Edition - Legalize weed

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<div>Oxytocin plays a crucial role in forging our ability to spark and maintain relationships, while endowing us with the ability <b>to empathize, trust, and even love one another.  </b>Without it, we would be something significantly less than what we are.</div>

ADDICT LIVES MATTER - (White writing)

<div>ADDICT LIVES MATTER</div><div> (White writing)</div>


<div>GET BUSY LIVING OR GET BUSY DYING.</div><div>purple writing. </div>

Prescription for HAPPINESS

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The Official ThankXanax Tee

<div>You've popped Xans at home. You've popped Xans in the club. Heck, you've probably even popped some at the office!</div><div><br></div><div>Take your addiction to the next level with this crisp premium tee. Show your friends what a degenerate you are. Show your parents. Heck, show your boss!</div><div><br></div><div><i>Bonus Feature: Increase your chances of surviving an overdose by letting the paramedics know what you're high on.</i></div>