Donald Trump for President 2016

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Bill Clinton for First Lady 2016 Tee

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Trump on November 8, 2016

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Bernie Sanders- Hindsight is 20/20

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Donald's  "TWITFITS" continue, even after he has won the election. Let's just believe he has added a new definition to the word "CROOK". Maybe he should change the name of his brand... "CROOK CASTLE"? <div>Trickie Dick was a lightweight in comparison. Sure, HE was a crook, but he was NOT a Trump!</div>

Hillary for Prison 2016!

Benghazi, emails, Whitewater, Clinton Foundation, etc. And you think Nixon was a crook? Show your support for putting Hillary behind bars, and not in the White House.<br> <div><br></div>

Only Trump We Acknowledge


Basket Of Deplorable:KS Chapter - LTD ED

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Darnold Trump

Make USC Great Again!

Don't Blame Me I Voted For Hillary

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I'm Still With Her - Hillary Clinton

I'm Still With Her - The Best Hillary Clinton of 2016. The Best Hillary Clinton Shirt Ever. We know he is #notmypresident


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