Ham Radio Operators Frequency GigaHertz7

<p>I love Ham Radio, on FM for high quality or that SSB for longer distance when there's restricted bandwidth. Whether you're licensed or unlicensed, an electrical engineer or whatever we're all part of a family. Here in the US we have Technician Class, General Class, and Amateur Extra Class authorized by the FCC. You know someone who'll love this great T-Shirt as a Gift - a Christmas present, birthday present, graduation gift, sports, Fathers day, Mothers Day, Thanksgiving, secret santa.</p><p></p><p> </p><p>This is a great design to go to local club events with, it always gets a good reaction from my friends &amp; colleagues, even Elmers. Perfect if you're a professional, computer geek, scientist, teacher, sheriff. So if it's the amateur-satellite service or the ITU you know this is a great stocking filler as well, show how much you appreciate them with this great design. Gifts for boyfriend, father, brother, uncle, nephew, grandfather, family member, godfather, grandpa, trucker, rig, truck driver.</p><p></p><p></p><p></p>

Talk Radio Gold

A must for talk radio fans


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B-Boy Tee

Fun tee for your music lovers

Big Deal Ham Radio

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T-shirts for couples

<b><i>T-shirts for couples &lt;3</i></b>

Rebel Radio 716 apparel

Limited edition Rebel Radio 716 apparel! Rebel Radio 716 is a hip hop radio show out of Buffalo NY (mixcloud.com/rebelradio716)

Coder Radio

It's our second Coder Radio shirt campaign ever. If you bought one in the past it was for Coder 100 and we are in the 220's episodes now! We went with a small, not so loud logo on the upper left to keep things simple and help make this your favorite shirt to wear!<br>


Embedded.fm is a show about engineering and devices. Also machine intelligence-driven robotic arms, tiny satellites, real time operating systems, compiler internals, the S in IoT, yogurt, hardware, software, makers, sea otters, entrepreneurs, teachers, cats, flamethrowers, and, once again, t-shirts.

PixelTunes Radio Merch Extravaganza!

PixelTunes Radio is a video game music podcast with some of the most dedicated fans! Those fans deserve some rad merchandise to show off how cool they look with our pixelated mugs on them. What better way than with clothing?! Choose from a wide selection of tees, sweatshirts, and even mugs to drink your delicious beverages from!<br><br>This is a limited time offer so get yours today.

Phenom-a-Mama by Desdamona

A design inspired by Des' song Phenom-a-Mama, for all the Phenom-a-Mama's out there!