Mac Lethal - 27 Style of Rapping

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rap and hiphop

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If you izzle wizzle a shizzle that exprizzle yizzle innizzle desizzle to regizzle all wizzles into izzle, I gizzle yizzle.<br>

damn, kendrick art

kendrick art/ damn.


Hello all! I'm a rapper named Sir Fire and this is a t-shirt specially made for my album "SirFireLP". My album will be released on SoundCloud on July 1, 2017. Anyways, support from anywhere and anyone would mean a lot to me. Thank you and have a good day!




From the YouTube Channel No Click Bait, comes the first installment from the shows own Millz. Own it now!

Mr MADD GOAT 32 (White Text)

Mr MADD design with featured GOAT logo on the front. On the back side we have number 32 represented in a sports wear fashion.

Phonetics T

Because Rap is all about Phonetics.

OGA PATAPATA Means, 'Boss Of All Bosses'

The core purpose behind this T-shirt campaign is to fund the cut and sew Jeremiah Odeh clothing collection releasing Spring 2018.<div> <b>OGA PATA PATA,</b> Means, <b>Boss Of All Bosses</b>. <br> </div><div>By wearing this shirt, you convey a message to the world <i>who you are</i> and simultaneously serve as a benefactor to the up coming most anticipated collection in 2018.  Thank you for your support.</div><div>-<b><i>Designer Jeremiah Odeh</i></b><br> </div>

Put on some Gangsta Rap and handle it.

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