This is a rescue for orphaned, injured or misplaced opossums. Quality care for these possums is funded out of pocket and by donations. All proceeds from this campaign will be donated to The Opossums Pouch Rescue and Rehabilitation in Greenville, South Carolina.

Dirt City Roller Rats Original Logo

<a href="" target="_blank"></a><div>We are a amateur Roller Derby Team from Victorville, California.<div>In our efforts to become a Non-Profit group we are selling these awesome shirts to help with the costs.  Please help support us in our efforts and buy one of our awesome Team Logo Adult Styles.</div> </div>

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Dirt City Roller Rats OG Logo

Dirt City Roller Rats is an all Female Flat Track Roller Derby Team from Victorville, California. In efforts to become a nonprofit organization we are selling our awesome Original logo apparel. Please help us to earn money for this 2017 season!

Save a Rat !

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Eat Sleep Pet Rats

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I Smell a Rat Tee

A sport that celebrates the working ability of dogs and the bond and communication between a dog and his owner.