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Courageous Priest Hoodie & Long Tee

<div>The <b>Courageous Priest Apostolate</b> is offering, for a Limited Time and Limited Edition, Courageous Priest Hoodie and Long Sleeve Shirt!</div><br><div>This LIMITED EDITION Hoodie and Long Sleeve Shirt will only be available until Wednesday!<br> </div><div> <br><b>Why</b> are we offering this Hoodie and Long Sleeve Tee?  <br><br><b>Because</b> the profits will be used to further support your love for <a href="http://courageouspriest.com/">Courageous Priests</a>.  Will you please support the apostolate and buy this hoodie and or long sleeve shirt.<br><br>This is a new improved version of last year's Courageous Priest Hoodie.<br><br>The quality is great. <br><br><br>Trouble ordering? Questions about shipping? <br>Contact Teespring Customer Support! <br>+1 (855) 833-7774. or email<a>[email protected]</a><br><br><br><b>To order </b>simply select either the hoodie or long sleeve tee, your desired color and then click <b>"buy it now"</b> to order.</div><div> <br><br><b>Please order now,  </b>as it is a great evangalization tool and <br>goes to support the Courageous Priest Apostolate.</div><div> <br>Thanks and God bless,<br>John Quinn &amp; Jeff Gares</div>

Covenant blue emerald tee

Agree to be different, agree to be undertaking to yourself. A pledge, an agreement, a promise an oath. Be apart of the covenant. Wear this shirt with pride as a badge of certainty that you belong, that you belong to you.<div>THE COVENANT</div>


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Let your little disciple express their love for Christ with this onesie. Available in a variety of colors for boys and girls!

Shaman WAK

Protector coming back to life. Wear one today.

Stolen Gods: Prophets to Profits

This EXCLUSIVE CUSTOM DUAL sided design is POWERFUL and only sold here. Be sure to research the Prison Industrial Complex and wear this to bring awareness to others.<div><br></div><div>Click below for hoodies or long sleeve t-shirts in black, several shades of gray, navy, green, white, red and gold (colors vary by style)</div>