Exploding Robot

Perfect shirt for the robot, tech, sci-fi, engineer, nerd in your life.   Custom wind up robot built in 3D digital, stylistically exploded so you can see all the fun gears, pins and guts.  <div><br></div><div>Check out more CADatonic brand merch at www.cadatonic.com</div>

Giant Robot aka Mr. Clampy Hands

He's not bad, he's just wired that way.  Mr. Clampy Hands blurs the lines between friend and foe which makes him closer to human that he might appear...yeah, think about it....<div><br></div><div>Follow VC Design on Instagram: <b>@vagabondcircus</b><br> </div>

Robotics Mom

FIRST Robotics Kickoff is Saturday, January 7.  Moms, wear your shirt as you proudly send your children off to Build Season!

JDBOT Apparel

Let the world know that #thebotsarecoming! This amazing tee is the ultimate open-source platform: It cunningly displays actual source code from #JDBOT.