MAD Girls Roller Derby Fundraiser

Show your pride by supporting strong women in Roller Derby across the world. Roller Derby is a unique and athletic sport, but even greater, it is a community that believes in empowering one another and encouraging each other to be greater. Funds raised will directly support the Mankato Area Derby Girls (MAD Girls). <div><br></div><div>MAD Girls is a 100% player-owned and operated, not-for-profit organization in Mankato, Minnesota comprised of two dozen diverse, strong and hard-working members who continue to serve as local models, mentors and volunteers since the league’s inception in 2012.<br> </div>

I Survived 27/5 Derby T-Shirt

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Forget Glass Slippers Derby Hoodie

<b>Forget Glass Slipers - This Princess Wears SKATES!</b><br><br><b>Like it?</b>  Get one for yourself and/or for a derby girl you know.<br><br>Buy 2+ to save on shipping<br><br>Be sure to share with the rest of your team!


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Talk DERBY to Me - tank / t-shirt

Talk DERBY to Me<div><br></div><div>Get one for yourself or a roller derby girl you know!  <br><br><b>Available 10 DAYS ONLY </b><br> </div>

All You Need is LOVE and ROLLER DERBY

<b>All You Need Is LOVE and Roller Derby - Cool Dri T-Shirt</b><div><br></div><div>Cool Dri is a top performance material that wicks moisture quickly. It is super light and dries fast!<br><br>Like it?  Get one for yourself and/or for a derby girl you know.</div><div> <br>Buy 2+ to save on shipping<br><br> </div>

God Found Synchros!

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Derby Addict - T-Shirt

<div></div><div> <div><b>I'm a Derby Addict on the Road to Recovery... Just Kidding, I'm on the Road to Derby Practice</b></div> <div><b><br></b></div> <div> Buy 2+ to save on shipping.<b><br></b><div> <b> </b><br>Available 10 DAYS only.<br><br><img src=""><br><br> </div> </div> </div>

SK8/H8 =Skate Over Hate

Purchasing these products support  SK8/H8 skateboarding Community &amp; Scholarship Fund

Bitches be Trippin' Roller Derby Tee

<b>Bitches be Trippin' - Okay, maybe I pushed that one.</b><br><br><b>Like it?</b>  Get one for yourself and/or for a derby girl you know.<br><br>LIKE our Facebook Page Derby Girls Rock at <a href="" target="" rel="nofollow"></a><br><br><b>Available this week only</b><br><br>For these to be printed, a total of 50 shirts or more have to be ordered during this time.  So get yours and tell your friends so they can get their order in too!<b>Additional shirt styles / colors in the drop-down menu below.</b><br>

Roller Derby Facts - Limited Edition!

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Happiness And Roller Skates

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