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Make St. Louis Soccer Capital Again!

St. Louis is the birthplace of American soccer.  Despite sparking today's movement, we astonishingly don't have a MLS team.  <br><br>The St. Louis soccer community must unite and stand up for our city.  We have to build upon our soccer legacy so that it never fades away.  It's time to show the world that St. Louis is great.  <u>It's time to win</u>.  It's time to <b>Make St. Louis Soccer Capital Again! </b> <br><br>Wear these shirts around the city to show your support for #MLS2STL. Embrace our history.  Seize our future.  Vote YES on April 4, 2017.<br><br>10% of sales will be donated to the Special Olympics.  An even bigger portion will be directed into other #MLS2STL grassroots efforts.  <div><br></div><div>*This effort is not affiliated with the official SC STL group.  Truly grassroots*<br><br></div>


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Proud Soccer Mom Tshirt - Ltd Edition.

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Soccer Heartbeat

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I Am A Soccer Mom

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ball soccer stars

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Soccer Flag Hoodie

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