Saturdays are Ferda

Saturdays are Ferda Boys. Available in many styles including crewneck.

DoctorBenjyFM - Respect The Equipment

A Black/Navy T-Shirt by DoctorBenjyFM based on the Football Manager Youtube series 'The Salford Story'.


Become a spinnyboi in real life with some very spinny shirts, hoodies, stickers, and mugs.<div><br></div><div>The art itself is original, but was inspired by <u>@epiphanyy_yt</u> on Instagram.</div>

Hello You Are Not Good

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" title="Link:"></a> <div>Sometimes the perfect insult comes along and it must be remembered. Lets make history! </div>


Here it is, Murderinos! The official My Favorite Murder "murderinos" merch. Wear it loud and proud and sexy. Design by Cat Solen: <a href="" title="Link:" rel="nofollow"></a>

Harambe Bless Tee's

Show your support for Harambe!<br>

Port A Proud

Port Aransas was one of many cities that hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on August 25, 2017. This product is going to benefit the coastal town that is very close to my heart, my family's heart, and many other hearts around Texas. Port A is home away from home for my family and we will do whatever it takes to maker her shine again. My husband and I were married on the beautiful beach of Port A, so just like it is important to us, we know it is important to others as well. Proceeds will be directly donated back the City of Port Aransas to help rebuild what was lost. After all we are Texans, and Texans don't turn their backs on fellow Texans. God bless you all, God bless Port A, and God bless Texas! Port A Proud and Texas Strong!

Yuna - Long Sleeve

If you're a fan of Vixella's doggo, Yuna or just a fan of doggos in general, now's your chance to wear a pastel rainbow doggo face on your body!

Chronically Jaquie 2017 Tee (Pink)

Hi there! We are so excited to release the first ever Chronically Jaquie merchandise - T-Shirts! A lot of y'all have asked for this and we listened, so as an extra thank you for 50k subscribers here are the shirts! Part of our proceeds will be donated to Red Cross. 


You were called out on national television during the Presidential debate.  You might as well own it. They're going to require tracking soon anyway.<div><br></div><div> <i>All profits will be donated to Hak4Kids!</i><br> </div>

Applied Science

Show your interest in the Applied Science youtube channel, and help support the creation of new videos.<br><br><a title="Link:" href="" rel="nofollow">Applied Science youtube channel </a><br>