Big Red Flag

“Big Red” has become a symbol of pride for The Citadel Corps of Cadets. The flag was adopted as a spirit flag for the Corps of Cadets in 1992. Its design was the same as the South Carolina state flag, but on a red field, rather than blue. This flag was believed to be the flag flown over the Cadet Battery on Morris Island in 1861.

Cycle South Carolina Bicycle Pillow

South Carolina Cyclist - South Carolina loves bikes and loves this Cycle South Carolina bicycle throw pillow. Dark on one side, light on the flip. #BoostedPillow

South Carolina Flag

Flag of South Carolina #BoostedPillow

North Carolina US Military Style Flag

North Carolina US Military Style Flag

Boom Shirt Black

Boom Shirt...choose which brand Tshirt you want it printed on. <div>Short or long-sleeve options.</div>

Move Over Slow Down law

<b>This shirt is a great way to remind people about the Move Over Slow Down laws across the country</b><div><br></div><div>The Move Over laws were originated in the United States after a South Carolina paramedic, James D. Garcia, was struck and injured at an accident scene Jan. 28, 1994, in Lexington, SC. Garcia was listed at fault, leading to his work to create a law to protect other emergency responders. SC’s version (SC 56-5-1538) passed in 1996, and was revised in 2002. <br> </div>